Public Speaking

privatetuition01Ask people what they fear most in life and surveys show that the answer is often ‘Speaking in Public’. If you are not getting your message across, or if you feel your voice is not strong enough or unclear, then you need voice and presentations training. Confidence and vocal strength are vital – if your vocal energy is weak you will come across as weak. There are very few occupations that don’t require us to use our voices and yet we expect them to work properly regardless of how much stress we put on them.

The Voice is a vital tool for any effective professional person. It indicates their authority and confidence. To be able to speak with clarity and impact are essential skills. Any professional person, who can give effective presentations, is highly valued. Excellent communication skills are a rare quality, which can be learnt more quickly than you think!

Most professional people need help to communicate in a way that is concise, persuasive and memorable. They also need their personality to come across in a way that is natural, relaxed and professional. Most people can already communicate well when they are relaxed amongst friends. The challenge is to communicate in the same effective way regardless of the situation you find yourself in.

Perhaps you might be concerned by some of the points or questions below:-

  • Do you feel that you could improve your voice and gain more confidence both socially and in the work place?
  • Do you ever have to give presentations or deliver a speech?
  • Is your voice strong enough and does it have range and tonal quality?
  • If you are going for a new job, are you frightened to think that you have such a short time to make a good, strong impression?
  • Do you work under stressful conditions and are you concerned about voice loss, or vocal fatigue?
  • Do you get nervous when you have to speak in public? Perhaps your voice is too high or too low? What is the sound quality like? Cold? No emotion? Harsh? Too nasal? Whining? Too fast? Do you mumble?
  • Do you have a heavy accent that makes it hard for people to understand you?