courseoutline01Voice Production and Presentation Skills Workshop Outline

Depending on the experience and skill of the delegates, below are areas and techniques covered on a typical course: –


Group introductions & aims of the day

Voice Production

  • Understanding how the breathing mechanism works
  • Breathing techniques to support the voice
  • Using posture to help support the voice correctly
  • Exercises to give the facial muscles and tongue more flexibility
  • Tongue twisters
  • Techniques to help project the voice with ease
  • Speaking with greater energy and enthusiasm
  • Creating an immediate impression
  • Awareness of the effect of body language

Speaking with More Confidence and How to Use Body Language to Help Your Presentation

  • Learning how to control your speed of delivery
  • Using gesture to help enhance your voice
  • Using pause to influence meaning
  • The importance of making and holding eye contact
  • Developing a more confident and convincing voice
  • Analysis of your visual impact on the audience
  • Using body language to build audience rapport
  • Developing your unique presentation style

Presentation Structure, Style & Language

  • Preparing a presentation within a time constraint
  • Establishing the key message
  • Applying structure and style effectively
  • Using language to clarify and influence
  • Developing a greater range of expression in the voice
  • Influencing your audience with the power of your voice
  • Delivering a short speech and putting into practice techniques learnt so far
  • Feedback on impact made on your listeners